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Beautifully crafted paper sculptures of endangered animals

Patrick Cabral, best known as Darkgravity on Instagram, is a multi-disciplinary designer from the Philippines. His love of calligraphy started at a young age when he was responsible for writing the names of graduating students on their paper diplomas.

From this he’s honed an art for delicate paper cuts and produced a project in collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) which aims to raise awareness about endangered species. The artworks are for sale with 50{c5abff81d31a789a3fa419706cf5dd0fd279276c597e6ef9fa8c73bb55a34e77} going directly to WWF.

“I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of representatives from WWF,” said Cabral. “they were very passionate about saving these endangered species, and at the same time helping the communities around the habitat of these species. I wanted to help more than by just making these artworks in the safe confines of my home.”

You can see more of his delicate and intricate animals over on his Instagram page where he posts about each animal he has chosen on the endangered list.

The first thing I read on Facebook today was “Poachers Break Into French Zoo, Kill White Rhino And Steal His Horn” . “Poachers forced their way into a French zoo and killed a southern white rhinoceros named Vince, sawing off one of his horns before fleeing into the night.” “Despite bans by international convention and French law, the illegal sale of rhino horns persists because of demand for use in traditional Asian medicine. A kilogram of rhino horn sold on the black market for nearly $54,000 in 2015, according to the zoo.” The white rhino is an endangered species, with an estimated 21,000 remaining in the wild across the world, mainly in South Africa and Uganda. Their horns are sought after in Asia, where they are valued for their supposed aphrodisiac qualities. Someone actually suggested that maybe we should cut-off all their horns to prevent poachers from killing Rhinos. It’s infuriating how we are at the point that people are considering this as a solution.