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Branding design for launch of ‘Kind’ ecological cleaning products

I was contacted in February 2016 by French company Nature & Stratégie Groupe who specialise in private label manufacturer of certified organic hygiene products. Their brand of ecological household cleaning products ‘Etamine du Lys’ is the industry leader in France. They wanted to rebrand and launch the products in the UK but felt the current French branding would need to change to appeal to the UK market.

I was flown over to meet with the client at their manufacturing HQ in Somloire, in the heart of the Loire Valley. Their interest in the environment goes further than the products they produce, the building itself is listed by UNESCO as a World heritage site and was built with the environment in mind by only using renewable materials. The building was impressive and gave me a good sense of the companies beliefs and vision which would give me direction for the new branding.

The stages involved in the project included; name generation, logo creation and development, packaging label design and creation of brand guidelines. After initial research, 24 proposed names, six logo options and two different illustration styles the final logo and label design was approved with a planned launch of 2017.