Jim’ll Paint It (controversial?) does exactly what it says on the tin (pun intended). Email Jim with bizarre and extraordinary suggestions of scenes you’d like to see featuring celebrities. Jim then creates them in Microsoft Paint, software you wouldn’t expect can result in something as detailed as he manages to produce. James ‘Jim’ Murray has created over 100 paintings since February 2013 all requested by his Tumblr followers. There are some humorous and clever ideas that Jim has created, sticking to his brief with every detail requested fulfilled.

“I must be in possession of the single greatest library of bizarre ideas in existence. It’s quite a responsibility in some ways. I hope one day some budding MS Painters will start taking on some of the brilliant ones I’ve missed”.

Examples include:

Dear Jim, Please can you paint Daft Punk Morris dancing on the surface of Mars wearing only their helmets and official Morris dancing tassels and braces. Adam Ant is shredding on the electric guitar to accompany the dance. The sun has gone supernova and Earth is exploding in the distance.


Dear Jim, Please can you paint for me a picture of Ed Miliband wearing the wrong trousers walking down James Turner Street being whipped by Jo Brand in erotic lingerie shooting rainbow laser beams out her nipples and Cliff Richard in a Lacoste tracksuit drinking Skol Super with White Dee.


Madonna drying out cigarette ends under a hand drier in the ladies toilets in Wetherspoons

He-Man on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

An alien civilisation consisting of Nicolas Cage lookalikes bowed down praying to a statue of Adrian Chiles.

Richard Madeley crying in an ASDA supermarket because he has lost Judy. A member of staff is comforting him and Prince is making an announcement over the Tannoy. Richard is wearing a Ben 10 T-shirt and holding a balloon.


The Chuckle Brothers recreating the pottery scene from Ghost only the pot is the Lionel Richie head from the Hello video.


Ross Kemp on Toast.

Microsoft Paint must be thanking Jim for this.  See more of his creations at  http://jimllpaintit.tumblr.com/