The search for a new Milk Tray man launched at the start of October as part of a campaign to mark the 100th anniversary of the iconic chocolate selection box. Cadbury’s has since released a short film to further highlight its search for a new Milk Tray Man using celebs at a Milk Tray Boot Camp. The spoof film, produced by London agency Gravity Road, shows some famous faces being put through their paces as they audition for the role. The celebs are playing exaggerated versions of themselves making for a very amusing watch. In a modern twist the film also features Denise Lewis to suggest the role is open to women as well.
Gravity Road founding partner, Mark Boyd, added: “This is a very social film for social media, that we hope talent and audiences will want to share. This film follows celebrities we know and love as they compete in vain to become the new face of Milk Tray. It is designed to stop people in their tracks as they’re scrolling through social feeds which are already crammed full of more ‘stuff’.”