This cleverly art directed and impactful advertising campaign for The International Fund for Animal Welfare features three portraits of men who have been given fox-like makeovers dressed up in red hunting attire. Their demeanour is sinister and snooty, they appear to be looking down their noses at you through satisfied eyes. The design of the adverts allows for a strong message with the typography simple and classy allowing the portraits to be the focal point.
The controversial campaign, created pro bono by agency J. Walter Thompson called ‘The Sly Ones’, aims to highlight the 10 years since the ban on hunting with hounds. 80{c5abff81d31a789a3fa419706cf5dd0fd279276c597e6ef9fa8c73bb55a34e77} of the public support a ban on fox hunting, but many are unaware that fox hunting with dogs still continues due to money and power at the top.
A strong, emotive campaign with a clever strapline; “It’s not the foxes who are sly”, revealing it’s actually the hunters who are the sly ones, not the foxes.