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Combat Nutrition works with world-class athletes providing nutrition plans to elite athletes all over the world. The business started in 2006 prepping bodybuilders for shows and now sees high-profile athletes like MMA Fighters Thiago Silva and Frank Mir, and British Judo Gold Medal Winner, Owen Livesey.

I was approached by Darren (Dede) to come up with a logo design which would be featured on their clothing as well as for TV and press conferences. The logomark needed to be a simple, clear design and have stand-out when being visible on TV and at press conferences.

The ‘c’ and ‘n’ combine to make a single shape. The two separate shapes created within the left side of ‘n’ represents the two important elements within this industry; nutrition and training.

The finished design works as a single colour version for clothing and includes a gradient red stripe over grey for all print work.

“Combat Nutrition are extremely pleased with the new design and logo concept created by Charlotte. As a nutrition company working with world-class athletes we needed a new logo that will catch people’s attention at press conferences, weigh-ins and fight nights. The new logo certainly has exceeded our expectation, and we have had extremely positive feedback.

The original idea we had was turned on it’s head by Charlotte and we are so pleased she gave us a selection of designs to choose from.”