Logo Design – Jody Williams

  • Logo Design – Jody Williams

Jody got in touch with me directly as she wanted to replace her current logo, a “make do”, with something more professional. She wanted her copywriting business to stand out, and in her words, “cut a dash”.

After spending some time thinking about her copywriting business and what direction she was going in, she filled out my design questionnaire. This helps me get an understanding of the business, informs the design process, and creates a brief for me to work from.

Jody wanted to focus on just using her initials, JW, keeping it simple with no clichéd icons (pen, quill, typewriter etc.).  She also communicated to me that she liked bold but simple designs, clean lines and geometric shapes.

From the 3 options I presented to Jody she chose the logo concept where I had used negative space to create the two letters. To get across what Jody does I used a comma for the J’s descender, and the arm became a speech bubble shape, linking to communication. For the colour I chose a bold and striking red, both letters slightly different shades to make the comma and speech bubble more prominent.

“Just the kind of look I wanted but even better than I’d imagined!”

Jody understands that good design is an investment, which makes the whole process so much more rewarding!

“Charlotte did a superb job of designing a logo for my business. Her designs captured exactly the style and look I wanted (but far better than anything my non-designer brain could imagine!). The whole process of working with Charlotte felt easy, smooth and efficient. I’d recommend her highly to anyone wanting excellent, thoughtful design and brilliant service. I’ll definitely be back when I need more design work done!”

Jody Williams