• Kathaa

One of the most rewarding projects I’ve had the pleasure to work on has been a new social enterprise for the a global charity who are changing the lives of thousands of young girls in Nepal.

I worked closely with Hannah, NYFs CEO, on coming up with a name for the enterprise – ‘Kathaa’ which means ‘story’ in Nepalese.

The men’s and women’s Down Jackets have been made by Nepal’s freed Kamalari women (domestic child slaves). The Nepal Youth Foundation has trained these girls in commercial tailoring enabling them to take control of their lives and tell their own stories through the clothes they make. 100% of profits go back to NYF UK and into helping Nepal’s most vulnerable children.

Every girl at Kathaa has an empowering story to tell and everything they make is an expression of that story. This was the what led to the name Kathaa, which means story in Nepalese. This also informed the strapline – Every Stitch Tells a Story.


“I originally got in touch with Charlotte to help us turn an idea into something tangible and in doing so, create a brand identity.  She instinctively understood what was needed as her conceptualisation was spot on. She is creative, committed, affable and proved herself a real asset to the team.  I would go as far to say that she was invaluable to our work.

We have worked on other projects since and it is always effortless: Charlotte has enough business acumen to quickly grasp any concept, and then the skill to turn it into stunning visuals.

Her professionalism and abilities are of the highest standard. She is a real talent and we genuinely enjoy working with her – I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Hannah Coppersmith, Nepal Youth Foundation UK